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Welcome to Zodiac Handcrafted

In 2013 we moved to a unique property in the Southern Highlands of NSW.  The property had previously been owned by pioneering Australian Herbalist, Naturopath and Author, Dorothy Hall.  Over 30 years ago Dorothy created 'The Zodiac Garden' across almost 5 acres of the property as featured in her book of the same name.  It includes a dedicated garden for each star sign highlighting the plants and herbs related to that sign or ruling planet, as well as the bigger picture of symbols and colours etc associated with each sign.  We have been renovating the garden the past few years with a view to conducting small group weddings, other ceremonies and gatherings as well as guided tours in Spring 2020.

Once we settled in to our new property we decided to start breeding miniature goats under our stud Zodiac Mini Goats. In 2016 we were the first NSW miniature goat breeders to introduce Nigerian Dwarf genetics into our herd, and from 2020 we are focussing on a smaller herd of purebred and high percentage goats.  Nigerian Dwarf are an imported miniature dairy goat breed originating in West Africa and developed in the United States, known for the high butterfat and other desirable qualities of this goat milk - in a lovely small package.

Zodiac Handcrafted is the combination of these two main elements - an astrological garden and goat milk - with us producing all natural raw goat milk soaps and other bath products, along with garden inspired bespoke quilts, soy candles and other home/gift items all created and hand crafted here on our property.   Currently we have a 100% natural goat milk soap available for each star sign using only the highest quality oils and butters, scented with pure essential oils or oils infused with plants from our garden, and coloured only with clays, spices, charcoal and other botanicals.   Bath soaks, body mist, scrubs and balms are also now available on the same natural philosophy.

We are recommending our candles scented using only pure essential oil. While not as strong in scent as the fragrance oil options, they are ALL natural and hand poured at low temperature to capture as much of the scent as possible with options for each star sign.  We also offer Citronella and other seasonal candles under 'The Zodiac Garden' which are all made using essential oils.  All our candles are decorated with dried flowers from that particular star sign in The Zodiac Garden.


2020 we have introduced some wonderful 'iso inspired' birthday boxes and bags - a highly discounted collection of our products, packaged as a gift and delivered around Australia. 

Click to find out more about The Zodiac Garden or Zodiac Mini Goats

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